What Programs Are Available To Assist People With Disabilities in Montana?

Is there a Medicaid waiver program in Montana? Montana has several waivers including:

  • MT;
  • Children's Autism Waiver;
  • HCBW for Individuals with DD;
  • Community Supports;
  • Big Sky Bonanza;
  • HCB Waiver for Adults with Severe Disabling Mental Illness
  • Elderly and Physically Disabled Waiver

What state department handles the Medicaid waiver program in Montana? In July 2009, the Disability Services Division (DSD) of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) was restructured under the Medicaid and Health Services Branch of DPHHS. In January 2010, the name was changed to Developmental Services Division. Services are now provided through two primary programs: the Developmental Disabilities Program and the Children’s Mental Health Bureau.

What programs assist people who have developmental disabilities in Montana? The Children's Autism Waiver, The Comprehensive Waiver, and The Community Supports Waiver provide assistance to persons with disabilities in Montana.

What is the best number to call to get started with Waiver services in Montana? To get started with waiver services in Montana, call your "Regional Office". The Central Office administrative staff are located in Helena. (406) 444-2995.

Eligibility determination is the first step and is necessary in order for an individual to be considered for services. Documentation that is needed for a determination include: psychological evaluations that include IQ testing and diagnoses; A Vineland-II assessment; and any other information that documents the disability (Medical, school reports).

Is there a website? http://www.dphhs.mt.gov/dsd/index.shtml

Who Qualifies For Assistance?

What is considered a developmental disability in Montana? A developmental disability is a disability attributed to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism or other neurological handicapping condition closely related to mental retardation and requiring treatment similar to that required by individuals with mental retardation if the disability originated before the person attained age 18, has continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely, and constitutes a substantial handicap to the person.

How old do you have to be to start receiving services in Montana? There is no age requirement to start receiving services. There are different services offered for different age groups (e.g: infant, child, youth or adult).

Is There a Waiting List For Services?

How long is the waiting list for Montana's Medicaid Waiver Program? You can expect to wait about three years to get waiver services in Montana.

How many people are on the waiting list for med waiver services in Montana? There are about 1300 people currently waiting for waiver services in Montana.

How many people are currently receiving waiver services in Montana? There are over 2,000 people currently receiving home and community based services in Montana.

What assistance is available while you wait for services in Montana? There may be "Emergency" services available if you are on the waiting list.

Is there priority preference for people who are in crisis in Montana? If you are in crisis, ask about priority waiver placement.

What Services Are Offered & What Are The Service Limitations?

What services does the Medicaid waiver program offer in Montana? The Developmental Disabilities Program supports choices and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities in their communities." Sevices include: Adult Residential Living, Adult Day Health, Case Management, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Dietician, Environmental Adaptations, Habilitation Services, Homemaker Services, Nutrition, Personal Assistance, PERS, Private Duty Nursing, Psychosocial Consultation, Respiratory Therapy, Respite Care, Special Child Care, Transportation, Therapies (OT, PT, Speech), Specially Trained Attendant, Specialized medical equipment and supplies, and Services for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

What services are available to people living in the family home in Montana? The Children’s Mental Health Bureau provides care and support to individuals under 18 years of age who have been diagnosed with serious emotional disturbance (SED).

Does Montana offer community group homes? Montana offers group homes. The Licensing Bureau within the Quality Assurance Division of Montana's Department of Public Health and Human Services oversees group homes. Montana also offers licensed Assisted Living Facilities.

Does Montana offer supported living? Supported living services are individually tailored arrangements of resources and supports that enable people to live in more integrated and normal ways. Supported living might address the need for residential services, work services, transportation services or whatever combination of services an individual may require as identified through individualized assessment and the combination of resources available to meet identified needs. Currently, 553 Montanans receive supported living services.

Are there still state owned institutions in Montana? Montana has one large facility housing 55 Americans. The Montana Developmental Center is administered by the Developmental Disabilities Program and is the State’s only residential facility for individuals with developmental disabilities that provides 24-hour care for those with the most severe behaviors or severe self help deficits.

How Do You Select A Provider?

Do providers work for the state? No. The Developmental Disabilities Program contracts with private, non-profit corporations to provide services across the lifespan for individuals who have developmental disabilities and their families.

About how many providers are there in Montana? There are about 60 service providers in Montana.

Do you have a choice in providers in Montana? Yes. Montana encourages you to select your own provider. The focus of the program is to tailor care to the individual and provide it in as natural environment as possible.

How Do You Become A Provider?

If you need assistance in the process of becoming a qualified provider in Montana, call (800) 624-3958 OR (406) 442-1837.

Additional Information

There is a new service option available called self-directed services. This means the individual or family directs the service and manages the cost plan with help from a fiscal agent.

Part C (Infant and Toddler Program - birth to 36 months) is a non-waiver, non-Medicaid, entitlement program which means everyone who is eligible for this program will receive services, regardless of financial or other restrictions. There is no wait list. Services may include: parent education and coaching, coordination of care, and other services based on the needs of the child and family.

Family Education and Support (FES - birth to age 22) is a non-waiver, non-Medicaid program, and services are limited. It is not an entitlement program and children may be placed on a wait list. Services may include: parent education and coaching, coordination of care, assistance with transition and other services based upon the needs of the child and family.

MT Providers

Montana Providers


Hi-Line Home Programs, Inc (406) 228-9431 •
Serving Montana
Some of our programs include: child care resources & referrals, family education & support, & in home services.

Family Outreach 406-443-3083
Serving Montana
Our SUPPORTED LIVING PROGRAM promotes & supports the life-style choices of adults with developmental disabilities as they live interdependently in the community.