What Programs Are Available To Assist People With Disabilities in Arkansas?

Is there a Medicaid waiver program in Arkansas? Arkansas Medicaid Waivers include:

  • Alternatives For Adults With Physical Disabilities Waiver, "AAPD"
  • Alternative Community Services Waiver, "ACS" or "DDS-ACS"
  • Elder Choices Waiver
  • Living Choices / Assisted Living Facility Waiver, "ALF"

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What state department handles the Medicaid waiver program? Arkansas Division of Medicaid Services and Division of Developmental Disabilities Services handles the Alternative Community Services Waiver.

What programs assist people who have developmental disabilities in Arkansas? The DDS Alternative Community Services (ACS) Waiver assists persons with disabilities in Arkansas. The ACS Waiver serves individuals with ID/DD of any age who meets institutional level of care eligibility, financial eligibility, and who has an opening (slot) in the program.

What is the best number to call to get started? For more information call the intake and referral office at (501) 683-5687.
* To apply for Children's services,
call 501-682-8158.
* To apply for Adult services,
call 501-682-8678 or 501-683-5687

Is there a website? http://humanservices.arkansas.gov/ddds

Who Qualifies For Assistance?

What is considered a developmental disability in Arkansas? In Arkansas, a person must meet requirements for ICF/MR (Intermediate Care Facility For The Mentally Retarded) Level of Care. The person must have a severe, chronic developmental disability with an age of onset before age 22.

Are there income limits to receive services? You can make up to $2,200 per month and still qualify for Medicaid Waiver services in Arkansas.

How old do you have to be to start receiving services in Arkansas? You can start receiving Medicaid waiver services at any age in Arkansas.

Is There a Waiting List For Services?

How long is the waiting list in Arkansas ? Persons in Arkansas can expect to wait over 10 years for home and community based services.

How many people are on the waiting list in Arkansas ? There are currently 2818 people on the waiting list in Arkansas.
(140 priority wait list; 2678 regular wait list)

How many people are currently receiving Waiver services in Arkansas? The Alternative Community Services Waiver, "ACS" or "DDS-ACS", has 4133 occupied slots.

What assistance is available while you wait? Call Advocated Needed Today at (501) 227-4278 to learn about other assistance that may be available. Or call Arkansas People 1st at (888) 488-6040.

Is there priority preference for people who are in crisis? There is priority waiver placement available for people who live in certain settings. These settings include: an ICF/MR Facility; a nursing facility; and an Arkansas state hospital.

What Services Are Offered & What Are The Service Limitations?

What services does the Arkansas Medicaid waiver program offer? Arkansas Medicaid Waiver Services include: case management; consultation services; crisis center; crisis intervention; supported living; residential habilitation supports; residential habilitation reinforcement supports; companion and activities therapies; direct care supervision; community experiences; respite; non-medical transportation; supported employment; adaptive equipment; environmental modifications; specialized medical supports; and supplemental supports.

What services are available to people living in the family home in Arkansas? Respite; Disability Day Treatment Center (DDTC); personal care services, and supported living. They also may be given up to $7500 to buy equipment for their home and services that Medicaid won't pay for.

Does Arkansas offer community group homes? Yes, Arkansas offers group homes. There can not be more than fifteen people in a group home.

Does Arkansas offer supported living? Yes, Arkansas offers supported living services.

Are there still state owned institutions in Arkansas? How many people are living in institutions? There are 1,096 people living in Arkansas state owned institutions. There are over 500 residents living at the Conway Human Development Center" which is one of Arkansas state owned institutions. There is a waiting list to get into an institution. The amount of time you wait depends on your situation.

How Do You Select A Provider?

Do providers work for the state in Arkansas? Organized Health Care Delivery System (OHCDS) allows waiver providers to subcontract any service for which they are DDS enrolled.

About how many providers are there in the state of Arkansas? Arkansas Division of Developmental Disabilities Services has just over 100 Certified and Licensed Provider agencies.

Do you have a choice in providers in Arkansas? Yes, you can choose any provider you want as long as they are certified for the service and work in your area. There is a "Zero Reject Policy". Any enrolled provider you choose must accept you as a waiver individual.

How Do You Become A Provider?

How do you become a provider in Arkansas?

For information about becoming a waiver provider in Arkansas, call 501-682-2283.

As a potential provider, you may offer services directly by your own staff or through a contractual arrangement with other qualified and certified providers. Additionally, based upon your capacity, you must determine what counties and the maximum number of people you propose to serve.

Please be aware that the application process is how you convey to DDS your understanding of and your ability to provide ACS Waiver services. Your policy statements should reflect a clear knowledge of how you will operate your organization in accordance with the regulations contained in the DDS Certification Standards and the Arkansas Waiver document. Your service descriptions should incorporate all of the requirements and describe how your organization will approach provision of services to individuals. It is through this process that you convince us that you have the expertise and capacity to become a certified ACS Waiver provider.

Providers interested in enrolling as an Arkansas Medicaid provider for the DDS ACS waiver should follow the instructions in Section I of the DDS ACS Waiver Provider Manual located HERE

Detailed information regarding the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services Alternative Community Services 1915(c) Home and Community-Based waiver can be found at this link.

Additional Information

Programs provided by The Arkansas Division of Developmental Disabilities Services:
1) DDS Alternative Community Services (ACS) Waiver
2) Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Services (DDTCS)
3) First Connections- Arkansas Part C Early Intervention Program
4) Early Childhood Program
5) Title V- Children with Special Heath Care Needs
6) Foster Grandparent Program

AR Providers

Arkansas Providers


Arkansas Waiver Association
(479) 927-4100 ext. 2222

An association of advocates, persons with developmental disabilities, their families and the professionals who work in the field.

Arkansas Support Network (479) 927-4100
Serving Arkansas
At Arkansas Support Network, we provide a flexible and individualized system of supports.

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Arkansas Ads
Arkansas Waivers
  • Alternatives For Adults With Physical Disabilities Waiver, "AAPD" - Serves 2,122 people. This waiver allows persons aged 21-64 who meet the criteria for intermediate nursing home care to remain living at home and in the community. Services offered under this waiver include: attendant care and environmental modification. Persons must be able to supervise their service providers whom they may choose from the list of eligible providers. There is no waiting list.
  • Alternative Community Services Waiver, "ACS" or "DDS-ACS" - Serves 3988 people. This waiver allows for persons with MR/DD who meet the ICF/MR level of care to remain living at home and in the community. There is a waiting list of over 1,000 people.
  • Elder Choices Waiver - Serves 5,599 people. This waiver allows persons aged 65+ who meet the nursing facility level of care to remain living at home and in the community as an alternative to institutionalization. Services offered under this program include: adult day care, adult foster care, chore and homemaker services, home delivered meals, emergency response, and respite care. There is no waiting list.
  • Living Choices / Assisted Living Facility Waiver, "ALF" - Serves 468 people. This waiver will allow individuals aged 21+ who meet the intermediate nursing home level of care to remain living in the community, including in a congregate setting. Services covered under this waiver include 24-hour supervision and limited nursing services. There is no waiting list.
  • TEFRA Waiver - TEFRA 134(a), Also known as the Katie Beckett option, allows children 18 or under with disabilities, who would otherwise be served in an institution to be served in the community without regard to the family's income. This demonstration waiver provides basic Medicaid services to children with disabilities, but uses a pay scale that is based on family income. This means that a family‚Äôs cost is adjusted depending on how much they earn, with the hope that no one is asked to pay more than they can afford for care. This waiver is designed to ensure that children with disabilities get the care they need in a community-based setting regardless of what their families can pay. The TEFRA program is coordinated by the Office of Long Term Care. For more information about the program, contact the Office of Long Term Care at (501) 682-8473.