What Programs Are Available To Assist People With Disabilities in New Jersey?

Is there a Medicaid waiver program in New Jersey? New Jersey has several waivers and programs including:

  • Renewal Waiver;
  • Global Options for Long Term Care;
  • Community Resources for People with Disabilities Waiver (CRPD);
  • AIDS Community Care Alternatives Program
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver
  • The Medicaid Community Care Waiver (CCW)
  • CCPED Medicaid waiver program

What state department handles the Medicaid waiver program in New Jersey? The Department of Human Services oversees several Medicaid waiver programs for persons with disabilities. The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and the Division of Disability Services (DDS) are within the Department.

The Office of Home and Community Services, within the Division of Disability (DDD), within the Department of Human Services, handles the Community Resources for People with Disabilities Waiver (CRPD) in New Jersey.

The Division of Disability Services (DDS), within the Department of Human Services, manages the Medicaid Community Care Waiver (CCW). CCW is a program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

What programs assist people who have developmental disabilities in New Jersey? The Community Resources for People with Disabilities is a program that assists persons with disabilities in New Jersey. The Medicaid Community Care Waiver (CCW) is another program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

What is the best number to call to get started? Call the toll free hotline (888) 285-3036 for Information and Referral Assistance on issues affecting people with any type of disability in the State of New Jersey.

Is there a website? http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices

Who Qualifies For Assistance?

What is considered a developmental disability in New Jersey? Some conditions that might be considered a developmental disability in New Jersey include: intellectual disabilities; cerebral palsy; autism; epilepsy; spina bifida; traumatic brain injuries; and certain neurological impairments. The complete legal definition can be found at NJSA 30:6D-25(b) and NJAC 10:46.

Are there income limits to receive waiver services in New Jersey? Yes, financial eligibility must be confirmed by the Division of Disability Services (DDS) or the County Board of Social Services in order to qualify for waiver services.

How old do you have to be to start receiving services in New Jersey? The Community Resources for People with Disabilities Waiver (CRPD) waiver can serve disabled individuals of any age. The Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver program is for persons age 21 and older.

Is There a Waiting List For Services?

How long is the waiver waiting list in New Jersey? The application process takes 3-6 months. Some services, such as personal care, require no additional wait. You can expect to wait five years or longer before getting Medicaid waiver services. New Jersey has several Medicaid waiver programs, and wait times vary by program.

How many people are on the Medicaid waiver waiting list in New Jersey? There are approximately 8,500 people on Waiting List for Waiver Services in New Jersey, 5,000 of these people are on the Priority Waiting List.

How many people are currently receiving services? The Medicaid Community Care Waiver (CCW) serves over 10,000. The Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Services program serves over 20,000 people. Community Resources for People with Disabilities Waiver (CRPD) serves up to 300 beneficiaries at any one time. AIDS Community Care Alternatives Program (ACCAP) serves 750. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver serves 350.

Is there priority preference for people who are in crisis in New Jersey? Yes, The waiting list system consists of two categories: Priority Waiting List and General Waiting List.

What Services Are Offered & What Are The Service Limitations?

What services does the Medicaid waiver program offer in New Jersey? The Community Resources for People with Disabilities Waiver (CRPD) offers all New Jersey Title XIX Medicaid services plus the following CRPD Waiver services: case management, private-duty nursing, environmental/vehicle modifications, community transitional services and personal emergency response systems (PERS). Each individual’s service package must be no more than the cost of institutional care, determined at the average cost of institutional care.

Does New Jersey offer community group homes? New Jersey offers group homes and community care homes. Group homes are living situations in which individuals share a home with no more than three other residents and receives services from staff that is on-site 24-hours a day. Community Care Homes are living situations in which an individual lives as part of the family of a caretaker and receives assistance from that person and/or from an agency on a routine basis.

Individuals who move into a residential placement provided by DDD should be aware that they will be required to help contribute to the cost of their care. This legal obligation, referred to as the “contribution to care,” is outlined in NJAC 10:46D and can be found in the Division Circular 3A. This contribution helps the State cover the cost of shelter, food and other maintenance items. This legal responsibility is shared by the family of individuals under the age of 18. Once individuals turn 18, only they are responsible.

Does New Jersey offer supported living? New Jersey offers Supervised Apartments and Supportive Housing. Supervised apartments are living situations in which an individual lives alone or with a roommate in an apartment that is leased or owned by a provider agency, which also employs staff that is available to serve the individual 24-hours a day. Supportive Housing is a living situation in which an individual leases his or her own apartment and receives services on an as-needed basis either in person or through phone contact up to a total of 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are there still state owned institutions? New Jersey has seven large state facilities housing 2,300 Americans. This is down from 5700 people in 1959. The residential developmental centers (DCs) include: Green Brook Regional Center in Somerset County; Hunterdon Developmental Center in Hunterdon County; New Lisbon Developmental Center in Burlington County; North Jersey Developmental Center in Passaic County; Vineland Developmental Center in Cumberland County; Woodbine Developmental Center in Cape May County; Woodbridge Developmental Center in Middlesex County.

How Do You Select A Provider?

Do providers work for the state in New Jersey? No, waiver providers do not work for the state. All service providers must be licensed, certified, or accredited as appropriate. Other non-traditional waiver services such as Structured Day Program, Supported Day, and Behavioral Programs are provided by agencies accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

About how many providers are there in New Jersey? There are seven regional case management agencies that have been selected to serve the waiver beneficiaries. Services are offered in the community by more than 250 New Jersey agencies.

Do you have a choice in providers? Yes, in New Jersey you are encouraged to select your own providers.

How Do You Become A Provider?

The Department of Health contracts Molina Medicaid Solutions as the fiscal agent for the processing of Medicaid applications. To access Medicaid applications and for inquiries regarding Medicaid and Medicaid Provider Enrollment, please click on the following link: http://www.njmmis.com or contact Molina Medicaid Solutions at (609) 588-6036.

To become a provider the following documents will be required by Molina Medicaid Solutions : New Jersey Medicaid Provider Application; Ownership and Control Interest Disclosure Statement; Provider Agreement; New Jersey Department of Health license; and Current fee schedule.

Additional Information

Section 1915[c] of the federal Social Security Act now allows states to "waive" requirements of the original Medicaid legislation and create so-called waiver programs that provide care in the home and in the community, as an alternative to institutional care.

Case management is provided by a social worker or nurse employed by a County Board of Social Services, home care agency, or Special Child Health Services Unit.

NJ Providers

New Jersey Providers


Arc of New Jersey 732.246.2525
Serving New Jersey
NJ's s largest organization advocating for & serving citizens with intellectua l& developmental disabilities.

Spectrum for Living (866) 367-7732
Serving New Jersey
Provides intermediate care facility, barrier-free housing options, adult day programs, case management &respite.